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4th Annual Holiday Cheer Event Another Big Success!

Once again, thanks to the students, faculty and staff of the SHHS, 2017 rang in a little brighter for several San Diego families thanks to the continuing initiative from the Dean of the School of Health and Human Services.  Dr. Gloria McNeal began this initiative over three years ago to increase the SHHS’s involvement in the community.  This year, Community Engagement Core Chair Dr. Ritika Bhawal of the Community Health Department led the organizing of the event.  The fourth annual event again identified families for their need and the work they do in their communities as role models and parents. The NU student nursing association and Community Health students raised money for these families, along with the involvement of SHHS faculty and staff.  The families were recognized at a public event at the Spectrum campus on December 16th.  Dr. McNeal gave some opening remarks along with all three Department Chairs and ran the event emphasizing the importance of community engagement.  The f…