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Holiday Cheer Event Another Success!!!

Even as the Winter Holidays are over, winter is still around for most of the country. And seven families in San Diego County are still feeling the warmth of gifts and donated refurbished computers from the SHHS. This annual event founded by school dean Dr. Gloria McNeal was taken over by SHHS students who raised over $7,000 to help local families. Click on the pictures below for a larger image of the event which was held on November 3oth, 2017 at the Spectrum Campus:

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SHHS Wins Planetree Designation!

SHHS Student Research Fellowship

The National University Library launched a pilot project through the Center of Excellence that created an opportunity for the librarians to host student research fellows.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I was hired as the first ever Student Research Fellow.  It has been one of the best experiences I've ever had because I have learned so much and have been given opportunities that have provided me a competitive edge moving forward into my career path.  This experience allowed me to work directly with faculty to do research and submit a manuscript for publishing.  Also, I was able to apply my new research skills in all the classes I took while I was a fellow, resulting in straight A's in all of my courses.  My time, here at the library, is coming to an end as I am getting ready to ship out for Army basic training but I will carry this experience with me forever.

Below is a video about my experience here at the National University Library as a fellow.

If you are interested in becoming a…

Hay is for Horses and Planetree is too!

National University faculty, staff, students and their families, along with Dean, Dr. Gloria McNeal, of the School of Health and Human Services came together on Saturday, July 8th, to celebrate Collaboration, Innovation, and Acknowledgement (C.I.A.) Day at the Rolling Horse Ranch in Ramona, California.
National University is the first educational institution to create a pathway to Planetree Designation. The mission is to establish an academic partnership between Planetree and National University's School of Health and Human Services and its stakeholders with the mutual goal to achieve a Planetree-designated status , and through this, students graduate prepared to foster the principles of person-centered approach to patient care.  There are several opportunities to get involved with this process.  Faculty and staff can join various committees to provide input in the process, contact Christy Schumacher to get involved.  Students and alumni also have an opportunity to get involved by…

NU Earns Grant to Continue Vets2BSN Program

National University is one of nineteen universities, and the only university in California, that was chosen to receive grant funding which will allow them to continue the Vets2BSN program into a fourth year.  This new grant, together with carry over from year three, brings the award to approximately one million dollars for year four.

National University was, originally, awarded a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2014 to address the growing need for nursing professionals and enhance the veteran population to fulfill that demand.  Click here, to read the article describing the original design and mission of the Vets2BSN program.

The initial $1.05 million dollar grant provided the opportunity to design an accelerated track for medics and corpsmen to apply to, enroll in, and graduate from the Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at the National University School of Health and Human Services Department of Nursing.  These students will be p…

I Now Pronounce You College Graduates

For many people, getting married is a huge milestone and so is graduating from college.  What if you had the opportunity to share them both with the love of your life?  Below is the story of Taurean and Dominique Clark, a husband and wife whose journey through life together included sharing in commencement together. 

Dominique graduated with her B.S. in Public Health and her husband earned his M.A. in Human Resource Management.  Their journey includes raising children, working through chronic disease, and overcoming adverse childhoods to enjoy their day in the sun at Petco Park.

Congratulations Dominique and Taurean!  You are an inspiration to us all!

Navy Ship Delay Doesn't Stop MPH Student From Having Graduation Ceremony

Have you ever been running late to a really important event?  Typically, we can still make it right on time or maybe just a few minutes late and there are minimal consequences.  Now consider if you were aboard a Navy ship, out to sea, and it is running behind schedule.  This ship being on schedule is critical for you to be able to attend your graduation ceremony.  You are hoping for a miracle but unfortunately the ship doesn't make it to port on time and you miss it.  This is exactly what happened to Petty Officer 3rd Class, Francis Oladipo.  Francis had completed his graduate program in public health and was planning to be back in time to graduate, June 17th, with everyone else.  His family from Nigeria even made the long trip to San Diego to be here for the ceremony.

National University, working along with the Navy, was able to organize a special graduation ceremony to honor Francis's completion of his degree.  It was held inside President David Andrews' office on Tuesda…