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Department of Health Sciences Publishes Online Learning Results!

Health Sciences Professor and Department Chair Patric M. Schiltz and Associate Professor Michael Myers published a study of online versus onsite learning in the teaching of statistics in this month’s issue of the Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching.They found significant learning gains for students who learned online using ClassLive Pro.Read all about it here:
Myers, M.P. and Schiltz, P.M. (2012). Use of Elluminate in Online Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences. Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching. Vol 5.P. 53-62.

NU Nursing Students Give Back to San Diego's Homeless Population

National University Nursing Students show involvement in the community by participating in the census of San Diego's homeless population. Please watch how these students make a difference not only in the classroom and simulation labs, but also in the community:

Keep up the excellent work!