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Faculty Complete a Second Offering of the Heart of Horsemanship Program for Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD)

Wranglers and Horses Help Veterans Heal Many veterans face problems associated with transitioning from military to civilian life. There is a need for more integrative health approaches that treat the psychosocial and embodied aspects of combat veterans “re-booting” into civilian life. One approach includes horsemanship training to help veterans better empower themselves both physically and mentally.  This approach was developed into theHeart of Horsemanship (HOH),an eight-week horsemanship program with combat veterans living in a residential treatment facility.  The hope is that the program could improve quality of life indicators and the stress response of participants. The program is the focus of SHHS faculty member Dr. Ellen Kaye Gehrke's current research and community outreach featured before in the school's blog.
Dr. Kaye Gehrke was joined this fall by fellow SHHS faculty members Peggy Ranke and Michael Myers and College of Letters and Sciences (COLS) faculty member Jessic…

Another Federal Grant is Awarded to the School to Fund a Nurse Managed Clinic!

The SHHS Gets to Work on a Mobile Health Clinic as it Wins its Second Million Dollar U.S. Department of Health &Human Services Grant!

Winter may have just started, but the SHHS has had a busy fall with the announcement of another large grant from the Federal Government.  Details were released to the community in a National University Press Release.  The initiative is led by the Dean, Dr. Gloria McNeal, with a team from all over the school.  The clinic will be based out of Los Angeles and will serve some of the most undeserved patients in the country. The clinic will have virtual components and will move to where it is needed in the community.  Patient care is changing across the U.S., and our school will be part of that change.  Nursing is at the center of the clinic, but the approach will be inter-professional, utilizing all three SHHS departments and nearly a dozen different programs.  The first class of SHHS students are meeting now to help design and implement the clinic, so st…